Australian bushfire disaster: how you can help

If you feel compelled to use what resources you have (be it your time, money, or social media presence) to support those affected by the fires in Australia, here’s how you can help.

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Create a campaign

It’s super quick and easy to create a Softgiving campaign.

All you have to do is:

  1. Create an account (or log in and create a new campaign)
  2. Choose a charity (see our list of Australian charities below)
  3. Enter incentives (or simply pick from our Incentive Menu™)
  4. Find everything you need in your dashboard
    – Donation page URL
    – Overlays — donation ticker, donation alert, incentives
    – Campaign stats
    – Panel
Australian bushfire Softgiving panel
^Use this panel for your Australian bushfire campaign

Donate to a campaign

Numerous influencers have already created campaigns to help the communities, firefighters, and wildlife affected by the bushfires.

If your favorite content creator shares their donation page, show them support and help them reach their donation goal.

Every dollar makes a difference; give what you can.

YouTuber Keemstar created a campaign benefitting the NSW Rural Fire Service. Help #StopTheFire by making a donation today!

Share campaigns on social media

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing ideas, showing support, and raising awareness for great causes.

Share your own (or someone else’s) donation page to your friends, family, and followers.

Tweet it, post it on Facebook, add it to Reddit, blast an email, heck even write out the URL in a handwritten note to be delivered via carrier pigeon — whatever you can do to get your community involved!

Charities on our platform that directly support efforts in Australia:

(List last updated January 22, 2020)

With our 0% Platform Fee, more funds go to charity to make an even greater impact!

Softgiving helps influencers fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. Create a campaign today and help us #KeepFundraisingWeird!

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