Black History Month: how you can make a difference

February is Black History Month — a time to celebrate Black American culture and recognize the significant (yet often understated) contributions of Black Americans in U.S. history.

Softgiving is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the home of Martin Luther King Jr. and often considered the mecca of the civil rights movement.

Our team is lucky enough to work just down the street from some amazing charities that support civil and human rights, fight against racial injustices, and provide education and opportunities to underserved communities.

This month, and throughout the year, we encourage you and your community to create a HERO campaign for these important and impactful organizations.

Some of the charities on our platform that share the values of Black History Month and support black communities across the country are:

* = headquartered in Atlanta 🙂

Don’t see the organization you want to fundraise for when creating your HERO campaign? Email and we’ll work to add it to our platform!

(Last updated 2/1/21)

Softgiving helps influencers fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. Create a HERO campaign today!

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