Cats. That’s it. That’s the blog.

The movie CATS! might have been the laughing stock of 2019, but cats are getting a second chance this March.

#MarchCatness is a month-long fundraising event powered by Softgiving and benefitting Best Friends Animal Society.

Visit to donate to the pawsitively wonderful cause or to create your own #MarchCatness campaign!

In honor of this purrfect event, our team has created a list of some of our favorite cat gifs. Consider adding one of these gifs to your next Best Friends Animal Society donation alert:

Allie’s favorites:



Beata’s favorites:


Ben’s favorites:


Bethany’s favorites:


Emi’s favorites:

Emily’s favorites:

These are some weird lookin’ cats…


JB’s favorites:


Laura’s favorites:



Matt B’s favorites:



Matt K’s favorites:



Matt P’s favorites:



Travis’ favorites:



Honorable mentions:


Go to to donate to Best Friends Animal Society or to create your own #MarchCatness campaign!

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