How to run a giveaway during a charity stream

Softgiving’s giveaway tool makes it easier than ever for content creators to reward their audience for their support.

Giveaways are a great way to increase excitement and drive donations within a short timeframe — and it’s super easy to add them to your charity stream!


As a streamer, you can run a Giveaway in 3 quick steps:

  • Click “Create Giveaway” in your live campaign dashboard. (To save time, you can queue up as many giveaways as you want!)
  • Enter a prize for one lucky winner to receive.
  • Click “Start” and the countdown will automatically begin. You’ll notice the giveaway instructions are displayed, so you can explain to your viewers how the giveaway works.

The rest is super simple:

  • Donations made while Giveaway is live = entries
  •         Viewers can also enter for free.
  • When the Giveaway closes, a random winner is automatically chosen and their name will appear on your overlay.
  • Give the winner a shoutout and message them directly about their prize!


Check out aDrive as he brings the hype while running giveaways:


Don’t count out Daltoosh. Watch as he raises $2.8K in just 10 minutes through a giveaway: 


And there you have it! If you have any questions whatsoever on how to use the giveaway tool, or any other features, feel free to reach out via our Discord Server or contact us at Happy fundraising!