Introducing the Incentive Menu™: The importance of using incentives

Incentives are crucial to running a successful charity stream. Viewers enjoy working toward a specific goal, and they should be rewarded when they help you reach a milestone!


We’ve seen a huge difference between campaigns that use incentives and those that don’t (spoiler alert: incentives help you raise a lot more money), so we created a super-duper Incentive Menu™ to make planning for your charity stream as easy as possible.

Your audience will literally pay (in donations) to see you dance like no one is watching, eat a whole lemon, or even shave your beard — as long as your remember to #KeepFundraisingWeird.

You know your community best, so choose milestone incentives that will motivate them to donate.

Simply click to add the incentive to your overlay!

Having difficulty coming up with incentives? No worries! Check out our Incentive Menuᵀᴹ in your campaign dashboard to help get your creativity rolling.

The incentives you choose will automatically be included in your incentive overlay. The final step is to simply add the browser source into your OBS.

Softgiving helps influencers fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. Create a campaign today and help us #KeepFundraisingWeird!

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