Promote, promote, promote!

The best way to spread charitable cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

So you’ve decided to run a charity stream and you’ve created your campaign — FANTASTIC!

The next step is to get your community excited about your upcoming charity stream!

Tell your friends, family, and followers all of the must-know deets:

  • Date & time (Will it be around your birthday? A holiday? A meaningful anniversary? Let them know!)
  • The nonprofit you’re supporting (The name of the organization, its mission, and any personal connection you have to the cause as well.)
  • Hint at your incentives (Share some of your fun milestone incentives — or ask for their opinions on what your incentives should be.)
  • BE EXCITED (The easiest way to generate interest and excitement for your charity stream is by showing them how excited you are for it!)
Some examples of promotional tweets

Write a Tweet, post on Facebook, add a pic on Instagram, send handwritten scrolls via carrier pigeon… Whatever medium you choose, just make sure to inform your community of your upcoming charity stream.

More tips & tricks

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Happy Giving!