Types of streamers as Girl Scout Cookies ????

March 12th is National Girl Scout Day and what better way to celebrate than by combining our two favorite things: Girl Scout Cookies and streamers ????

Which type of cookie/streamer are YOU?


Just Chatting: Thin Mint

You’re a cool, confident, well-liked staple in both the cookie and streaming communities.

You love to connect with people and chatting is your favorite so minty freshness is a necessity.

We could talk for hours about how delicious Thin Mints are (and how much better they are when frozen), but we’ll leave that to you.


Minecraft: Do-Si-Dos

Minecraft is a classic, consistent, relatively simple game. Do-si-dos are the same — they aren’t trying to be the star of the show, but you best believe they have a loyal following.

A classic (some might say, old-fashioned) oatmeal cookie is the star player of Do-Si-Dos. The peanut butter middle gives the crunchy cookie a smooth, fun, interesting component that keeps people coming back for more.





Quiet Streamer: Shortbread

Let’s keep this short, sweet, and to the point: You’re a bit reserved.

Friends, family, and followers wouldn’t describe you as flashy by any means.

But you’re an honest, trustworthy, no-frills cookie loved by many. Keep to your simple — but delicious — shortbread ways and you’ll maintain your supportive following.

Pro Gamer: Tagalongs

An elite cookie for an elite gamer.

Tagalongs aren’t just peanut butter and you’re not just a gamer. You’ve both got the best of both worlds — sweet and salty; fun and professional.

You’re loved by many and revered in households across the nation.

You’ve got a lot of hype to live up to year after year, but you never fail to amaze us with your talents.


Variety Streamer: Samoas

You’re not predictable, you like to switch things up. Right when people think they’ve got you figured out, they discover another (equally deLite-ful) side of you.

You’re well-liked due to your diverse nature.

  • Someone loves caramel? They’ll love you.
  • Oh, someone else enjoys chocolate? You got it covered (literally).
  • Another person prefers coconut in their cookies? You welcome them with open arms.

No bite — and no stream — is ever the same.


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