Using Softgiving overlays and panel

In order to run a successful charity stream, you have to make it obvious that you’re actually running a charity stream.

When you create your campaign, you’ll find your unique overlay URLs in your campaign dashboard along with a “donate today” panel.

Use overlays and panel

Copy the overlay URLs and add them as a browser source to your OBS.

Example overlay setup

Stats overlay: shows your overall goal, the amount raised, and the “Top Donor” (the viewer who has given the largest donation).

Incentives overlay: make sure your viewers can easily see your fun incentives by including this overlay in your stream.

Donation alerts overlay*: this helps you keep track of donations and lets donors join in the fun. Donors can customize their donations by adding a GIF and message that will appear in the on-screen alert!

*You can adjust the volume of the alert overlay by increasing/decreasing the volume of your computer.

Panel: Link your donation page URL to the panel and add it to the top of your profile so viewers can easily find the page to make a donation.

More tips & tricks

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Happy Giving!