How & where to share your donation page

As soon as you finish creating your campaign, you’ll see the donation page URL in your dashboard.

Easily copy the URL to your clipboard and then share it everywhere!!

Where to share your URL

  1. Add the “donate today” panel to at the top of your profile and link your URL to the panel.
  2. Create a command through your chatbot and include it in your stream title so viewers can easily access the link in chat as they join your charity stream.
  3. Schedule a timed message through your chatbot that shares your donation URL once every 15–30 minutes.
  4. Have old-fashioned relatives or clueless friends who don’t have Twitch accounts, but still want to help you give back? Send them the link via Facebook, email, or text to make sure they have the opportunity to make a donation to your chosen nonprofit.

More tips & tricks

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